Water Department

water plant 

Mission & Duties
It is the Water Maintenance mission to repair or replace water main service lines and meters. The Water Maintenance Department also reads property meters and reports their usage for billing.

The Water Maintenance Department does the following:

Collects samples of Henryetta's water and sends them to a laboratory for testing

  • Conducts pressure testing to assure an adequate 25 pounds per square inch (psi) throughout the system
  • Maintains all the water pumps and generator systems throughout the city
  • Reads roughly 2,800 meters each month, assuring an accurate bill is generated
  • Repairs and replaces water lines
  • Services and replaces meters as needed

Hours of Operation
This department is on call 24 hours a day and operates in all weather conditions.

Contact Us

Jason Gold
Water Superintendent

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

115 S 4th Street
Henryetta, OK 74437
Phone: 918-652-3348
Fax: 918-652-8816
After Hours: 918-652-3750

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I report a leak?
    During business hours, you may contact the Water Maintenance Department at 918-652-3348. After hours and on holidays, you may contact either the Police Department at 918-652-3106 or the Water Treatment Plant at 918-652-7966 for assistance.
  • What if I have a concern with my water bill?
    You must contact City Hall during business hours if you have question regarding a bill.
  • How do I get a water meter for new construction?
    Contact city hall during regular business hours.
  • How is my water bill figured?
    Meters are read during the month. The readings are entered into accounts the following month. That bill is sent out on the third month following the reading. Example: Meters read in January, entered during February and bill sent in March.)
    You must contact City Hall for new meter installation.
  • When is my water bill mailed?
    Water bills are mailed out on the last day of every month
  • When is my water bill payment due?
    Bills are due by the 16th of every month to avoid a late payment.